I hope this is just a short post, that is my intention. Canada, maybe other countries, has come up with a new way to fight Covid — to quarantine for only 5 days ONCE YOU HAVE THE DISEASE.

I will not try to explain the thinking behind this. It started in Québec where they are having nursing shortages due to the number of front line workers taking time off to quarantine from having Covid. Now they are rushing them back into work, probably before they are ready to deal not only with having Covid, but putting them in the centre of the Covid storm where stresses are already so high nurses and other hospital personnel are burning out and becoming unable to work at their jobs whether they have Covid or not. All that is bad enough.

The problem is, what we know about Covid, any virus actually, is that we are least contagious while we are fighting the disease, and MOST CONTAGIOUS 2 OR 3 BEFORE WE EVEN KNOW WE HAVE IT, AND 2 OR 3 DAYS AFTER WE HAVE SEEMINGLY GOTTEN BETTER.

So let me look at the mathematics. No one knows the instant they catch Covid. Even PCR tests cannot spot the virus right away, and how many people are getting tested BEFORE THEY FEEL ANY SYMPTOMS? There are those who test as soon as they know they have been around someone with Covid, but if they are too early to test, the result will be a false negative, so they will go about their business feeling safe when they are anything but. They are spreading the virus. Next, they find out they really have it, so they quarantine during the time they are least contagious. Sounds good, right. For the past 18 months they were asked to quarantine for from 10 to 21 days. The chances were, the longer you quarantined, the more chance you would be at home when you became most contagious again, the 2 or 3 days after your body started to feel better.

But now, quarantining only 5 days, you are going back out into public just as you are becoming MOST CONTAGIOUS AGAIN! And for those working in hospitals, they are bringing even more virus particles into an area already filled with virus particles. But you are also spreading them everywhere you go between home and work. Just walking through a parking lot from your car to the your work station, you are leaving a trail of viral beings behind you, waiting for the next person to walk in those places where they might not be wearing their PPE because there is no one around so they think they are safe! BUT THEY ARE NOT SAFE! Because someone who is contagious just walked there before them.

Politicians are obviously not well versed in mathematics, or logic. Logically you keep people at home when they are at their most contagious. That is not happening. But one would hope medical experts and viral experts would explain this to the politicians. But no one seems to be.

The Premier of Alberta, a position similar to the governor of any state, announced yesterday that not only would hospital personnel be asked to quarantine for only 5 days, but that everyone could do that. Come on back out into public when you are most contagious. Responsible people will wear their non-N95 masks, and social distance, he noted. But he also knows Alberta is full of anti-vaxxers, anti-maskers, and people who get in everyone else’s faces.

“Welcome to the largest petri dish anywhere in the world, my fellow Albertans,” is what he is really saying. Thanks, but I and my partner will stay at home as much as we can. We still take life seriously. And we prefer not to be around those who don’t.

Well, a little bit shorter than usual, maybe. But maybe we will live a little bit longer because we know who to believe, and who not to trust.

Toward a Better World

December 25th. The year does not matter.

Can someone please tell me why, for one day a year, we can stop hating everyone, and celebrate generosity, togetherness, and love for everyone, and then the next day and the following 363.25 days a year go back to hating and conning and scamming and hurting and killing those who are supposed to be our brothers and sisters in this family of humanity, a family that should extend to every living being that ever was, always is, or ever will be. We are all living beings, equally sharing this experience we call life! Why cannot we work together every day for the betterment of all? THAT SHOULD BE OUR GOAL EVERY DAY OF EVERY YEAR OF OUR LIVING LIVES!!!!!

What the hell is wrong with us?

This post is not just aimed at or to people who call themselves Christians, or Muslims, or Jews (what are called the Abrahamic religions) but at or to people of all religions, philosophies, and other ways of believing or non-believing. WE CAN BE SO MUCH BETTER THAN WE ARE.




First, Jason Kenny did not take Covid-19 seriously. It was just another flu bug. Until a friend of his died. Then suddenly he took it a bit more seriously, but he did not want to lose the money the Calgary Stampede brought into the province, so he opened up the province way before he should have. Then, in the middle of the fourth wave, when he knew hard decisions would have to be made, he went on holiday for three weeks — outside of Canada. He says he was always in touch with his party, but there is no evidence of that. His party WAS NEVER IN TOUCH WITH THE PUBLIC about anything he might have said.

At last, he tried to do something. He made it mandatory for certain workers, especially essential workers and front-line staff, to be double vaccinated. After almost two years, he made a positive move. That was in September, 2021, long after the start of Covid, long after Alberta had the worst stats of any province in Canada. And things started to improve.


In just two or so weeks the positive became a negative. The recently re-opened province became another hotbed of Covid. The numbers are astonishing — TO JASON KENNEY. He was so sure Covid was beat at last, for the fourth time! But now the fifth wave is here, and this is his response:

JASON KENNEY WANTS OUR HEALTH CARE SYSTEM TO REHIRE ALL THE HOSPITAL STAFF WHO WERE LET GO BECAUSE THEY WOULD NOT GET VACCINATED. First off, health care staff who are anti-vaxxers cannot be considered conscientious staff. They are more concerned with how they perceive their own bodies’ rights than they are about the rights of the people around them. Normally I am all in favour of rights, when the government is trying to legislate a woman’s rights to control her own reproductive system. The thing is, she is the only one who will be effected. A fetus growing inside her cannot know how it is affecting its host. An abortion affects no one else, NO MATTER HOW HARD THEY TRY TO MAKE IT THAT THEY ARE BEING AFFECTED BY HER PERSONAL DECISIONS. An abortion does not affect other people’s lives or health in any stretch of one’s imagination.

UNVACCINATED HEALTH CARE WORKERS AND OTHER STAFF WHO ARE DEALING WITH THE PUBLIC EVERY WORKING DAY CAN AFFECT EVERYONE THEY COME IN CONTACT WITH. It just so happens that I have a lot of health care issues, and so do a whole giant raft worth of people like me. Some of us are immunity-compromised. We catch anything that comes within ten blocks of us. And we unfortunately need lots of visits to medical establishments. WE NEED TO FEEL SAFE WHEN WE ATTEND DOCTORS’ APPOINTMENTS OR END UP IN THE EMERGENCY ROOMS. We do not need to feel we are putting ourselves at further risk by entering a hospital. Having unvaccinated staff makes us feel unsafe. It certainly makes ME feel unsafe.

I feel for our conscientious staff who are doing such a great job in the face of unprecedented and overwhelming factors. They want to help us as best they can. But at the same time, they want safe workplaces. They don’t want to have to further risk their own safety, their own lives, because selfish people refuse to get vaccinated.

Working in hospitals is dangerous enough without the added risk of someone who is supposed to be risk-free adding to the dangers our health care workers face every day. They do not need Mr. JASON KENNEY making things more dangerous than they already are. Their immune systems are already compromised by the stresses they have been under for the past almost two years. They are overworked and underpaid. They need relief, release, and help. They do not need added worries. No one needs added worries. But if our health care system breaks down because of ANTI-VAXXERS, the only one who will be to blame is JASON KENNEY! He is a fool! He has no idea how to be a leader!


I Just Don’t Get It 🤷 — Filosofa’s Word

Dear Readers,

I know most of you are already fans of Filosofa, but for the few of you who are not, I think it is time to introduce you to my favourite blogger, and I think this is the best post I can introduce her with.

She has actually been away from us for awhile due to serious medical issues, but she is making a recovery at last, and a comeback to Word Press at the same time. I hope you will find this re-blog a very noteworthy one.

Perhaps I’m a bit simple-minded these days, but I’m really confused over something and I’m hoping someone can make sense of this for me.  The issue?  Why is it that the United States Congress can pass, relatively without argument, a bill that allocates $768 billion for a single year to the military, in large part […]

I Just Don’t Get It 🤷 — Filosofa’s Word

HE WHO OWNS YOUR DEBT OWNS NOTHING! Money is not real anymore, is it? Except…

A quick history lesson in two sentences: Money used to symbolize gold. Now gold symbolizes money. Where it once kinda sorta had value — they called it the gold standard — money now has no value at all. No matter how much money they print or coin, there is not enough money, let alone gold, in the world to represent the amount of money stored inside computer memory banks. Money is just an electric number, and I am going to be happier than hell when the internet breaks down, and all those multi-billionaires are suddenly left penniless! Then they can be like me!

But there is a flip side to that question. Who are you paying that money to, right now? Your creditor, obviously, right? And your creditor keeps track of every penny, including the interest on the interest. That is how important your money is to them. They greedily want every penny, despite in a number of countries they no longer even make pennies (or coins of similar value; it costs more to make them than the value they supposedly have as lump metal!). If you have collected pennies all your life, sell them. You’ll get more for them from a smelter than you will from a bank! But I digress.

Let me ask you, who owns your debt? Our debt feels real to US, we keep trying to pay it off, but by the time we make a payment, we have already spent at least that much more on something else. Did you use actual dollar bills to make those purchases? Likely not, likely you used your credit card. I know I did. End result, unless we win a lottery, we will always be in debt. As I said two days ago, if you are an average person, you will still owe $62,000 USD on the day you die. Who is going to pay it then?

That money we owe to our creditors, that we conscientiously try to pay every month, how important is it really to the person or corporation that owns that debt. To be totally honest, it isn’t important at all. They would not suffer one penny’s worth if everyone in the world failed to make their next payment, or the one after that, or the one after that! While we are skimping on meals, or maybe drinking less beer than we would like to be drinking, they are living high on the hog. They have no idea what the word sacrifice means. They already have so much money, they could live for centuries and not become poor. That is how rich they are.

If you watched the video on my last post, you already know that creditors could forgive every debt owed to them, and not feel a hiccup in their own pocketbook. Our debt is literally useless to them. But they will never think of it that way. To them, we took their money and used it to buy the goods they are selling, and so they are not just making exorbitant profits on the goods, but they are making even more exorbitant profits on the money they are lending us to buy them. I believe that is called double dipping! They do it all the time, and they feel no remorse for doing it.

But what do they do if they catch us double dipping somehow, if we can even figure out a way to double dip. We don’t have loophole lawyers working for us — WE cannot afford them. They arrest us, and either throw us in jail, or force us to repay the money they say we stole, with interest. And now they are triple dipping, while we are getting even less value for the money we are struggling to earn.

This is what they call Capitalism, every dollar they invest has to come back to them with added interest. While we, the people who make those goods for them, get paid a slave wage which we then have to pay interest on when we try to spend it. They win! We lose! Works for them. DOES IT REALLY WORK FOR YOU?


The Real Cost of Crefit Card Debt is Human Misery

To preface what you are about to read, please know this. I am just a regular person, I am not an expert on anything but me. But as fortune would have it, I have been gifted with the ability to see things as they truly are, and not what we think/believe/hope they are, because we do not always have the ability to be openly honest with ourselves, and each other,

Yesterday I posted a video about credit debt, meaning the money we owe by buying things on credit. What was it the video said, the average amout of debt each person in the so-called “first world,” meaning the industrialized nations, has AT DEATH is $62,000 USD. How much money do we spend in a lifetime paying off our debts? I cannot even imagine. At compond interest rates that can sometimes reach as high as 25%, the amout we spend on our debts is impossible to imagine. If we tried to calculate that amount, there would be an epidemic of suicides, which is why we do not even think to try.

But, really, the the true cost of our debts should not be measured in money, because money is not the true problem here. The true cost of credit debt is human misery. In my 72 years of life so far I have watched as people went from spending only what they could afford, or could reasonably expect to repay in, for argument sake, 5 years or less. That was bad enough. Now we spend money like it is water. Credit cards especially, but mortgages and bank loans and lines of credit allow us to buy things we not only cannot afford, but things we will never be able to afford. The average cost of a car in the 1950s was ballpark less than $2,000. The average cost of a home was in the low $10,000s, less than that if you did not demand a luxury home. There was hope for the average person in those days that you could pay off those major purchases in 5 years or less on the car, and 20 years or less on the home. That would give you a great number of living years to enjoy living basically major debt free. These days, with the compounding of debt on top of debt on top of debt, we can no longer look to be debt free in a reasonable number of years. We can look forward to only owing $62,000 of debt when we die. That means NEVER BEING OUT OF DEBT! NEVER!

The thing is, we do this to ourselves willingly. Why wait 10 years to even buy a shit piece of junk car when we can have a brand new model today? And another new one every 5 years. So what if we can never pay off our debt, as long as we can enjoy everything we want while we are alive. After all, we are only hurting ourselves. Really? Only ourselves? Yes, we are hurting ourselves, but we are also hurting everyone around us, especially those we love. Our partners. Our children, if we have any. And what are we teaching our children? We are teaching them it is okay to self-harm. So why are we surprised when our children act out? When they cut themselves to see themselves bleed, and to feel pain? When they develop eating disorders? When they take a gun to school and shoot their classmates? We think that is not on us? It is. And now entire communities are being devastated, because we, WE, do not care about ourselves. We torture ourselves and everyone else for what we call self-gratification. IS IT TRULY WORTH IT?

I cannot answer that question for you. Can you?

Here, though you don’t know it, I must apologize for once again going off on a tangent. What I really wanted to talk about was the people who own our debts, the people who give us money in order to take even more money from us. But I have said too much already for today. Hopefully tomorrow?

I wish you a happy day. Truly.


Who Owns Your Debt? And Who Helped Them Get It?

Thank you to SM(art) Bomb Comics. It was she who gave me the last reblog on the American Military and their part in creating and increasing the Climate Crisis.

Today’s “bomb” from her is about something I tried to talk about earlier this year, or was it last year, refusing to repay our credit debts. I thought it was an idea whose time had come. Apparently I was not the only one who thinks so. It’s only a 6:41 minute long video. It won’t take much time to watch. Hopefully, though, it will put your mind in a new gear for a long long time. Thank you, SBC, for this…


The American Military and Carbon Emissions — An Eye Opener If There Ever Was One!

This is a reblog of a reblog. I could not figure out how to reblog the original post from a different provider, so please forgive me you will have to hit two buttons to get there. The thing is, I think this is well worth the extra button.

Veterans target US military’s outsized impact on the climate crisis – Fellowship of Reconciliation — SM(Art) Bombs Comics

The American Police State

This is a reblog from a post a few months ago. I don’t live in the USA, and never really wanted to, but this post makes me happy I never found a reason to move there.

Most Americans will probably not be aware of what is going on around them, because the things he writes about don’t happen to most normal, law-abiding citizens, especially if they are white, and living in white communities. But these are the people who need to know, because by their silence they are allowing these things to happen to other Americans not as fortunate as them.

Please read, and feel the fear others live with daily:


I Hope Everyone Is Prepared for Kyle Rittenhouse to Go Free | The Nation — OCG

Reblogged without permission, as the blogger has no comment section to ask for permission.

That reality is almost assured because, even if Rittenhouse somehow draws an impartial jury, he has already won the white people’s lottery and landed a very partial white judge.

I Hope Everyone Is Prepared for Kyle Rittenhouse to Go Free | The Nation — OCG
RACISM Socially Conscious Music

Socially Conscious Music #3 MONSTER by Steppenwolf

This is for my friend Scottie at Scottiestoybox. Hugs, my man.

I don’t know all the details, but Steppenwolf started its existence as a band called The Sparrows in Toronto, Canada. When The Sparrows disbanded some of them travelled to Los Angeles where with an American friend or two they arose from their ashes as Steppenwolf. Songs like Born to be Wild, Magic Carpet Ride, and Sookie, Sookie took them to the top of the charts in the late 60s. But then came Monster, and artistically they hit their peak.

The lead singer, John Kay, was actually born in Germany and came to Canada as a child. For all intents and purposes he was a Canadian, but with a more worldly viewpoint. That may or may not have influenced his vision of America as told about in this group of songs, collectively called Monster.


Once the religious, the hunted and weary
Chasing the promise of freedom and hope
Came to this country to build a new vision
Far from the reaches of Kingdom and pope

Like good Christians some would burn the witches
Later some got slaves to gather riches

But still from near and far to seek America
They came by thousands, to court the wild
But she just patiently smiled and bore a child
To be their spirit and guiding light

And once the ties with the crown had been broken
Westward in saddle and wagon it went
And till the railroad linked ocean to ocean
Many the lives which had come to an end

While we bullied, stole and bought a homeland
We began the slaughter of the red man

But still from near and far to seek America
They came by thousands to court the wild
But she just patiently smiled and bore a child
To be their spirit and guiding light

The Blue and Grey they stomped it
They kicked it just like a dog
And when the war was over
They stuffed it just like a hog

And though the past has its share of injustice
Kind was the spirit in many a way
But its protectors and friends have been sleeping
Now it's a monster and will not obey

The spirit was freedom and justice
And its keepers seemed generous and kind
Its leaders were supposed to serve the country
But now they won't pay it no mind
Cause the people grew fat and got lazy
Now their vote is a meaningless joke
They babble about law and order
But it's all just an echo of what they've been told

Yeah, there's a monster on the loose
It's got our heads into the noose
And it just sits there watchin'

The cities have turned into jungles
And corruption is stranglin' the land
The police force is watching the people
And the people just can't understand
We don't know how to mind our own business
'Cause the whole world's got to be just like us
Now we are fighting a war over there
No matter who's the winner we can't pay the cost

'Cause there's a monster on the loose
It's got our heads into the noose
And it just sits there watchin'

America, where are you now
Don't you care about your sons and daughters
Don't you know we need you now
We can't fight alone against the monster

America, where are you now
Don't you care about your sons and daughters
Don't you know we need you now
We can't fight alone against the monster



It is time for the Catholic Church to come clean!


Random claptrap. — River’s world…..

As promised, here is the real gem from Rivergirl at River’s World. There are three, ot four, sections to it, depending on how you look at things. As far as I am concerned the first and last can be ignored, though you may not agree with me. No matter, it is (are) the middle section(s) that I found highly creative and very timely. I do not know where Rivergirl got them from, nor do I care. As good cartoons and memes go, these speak volumes. Please enjoy.

. Have you ever tried this? . . I found it last week and it isn’t half bad. Apparently smashing citrus fruit and mixing it with vodka is a Maryland crab bake tradition. This next one is all I’m going to say about the travesty happening in Texas. Because common sense is common sense, and […]

Random claptrap. — River’s world…..

For all my male friends… a question. — River’s world…..

Dear readers,

I found this blog post through a friend’s post, and could not believe my eyes. I was almost afraid to reblog it because it is so incredibly unbelievable, and I did not want to “spread the ugly practice” around. But I have so few readers that I don’t think that can happen, as long as no one else reblogs it. I have to admit, I knew the world could be a very sick place, but this goes beyond sick by a few thousand degrees. Please be appalled, if you even finish reading it!

Meanwhile, I am going to reblog another of rivergirl’s post in a short bit which will put a humorous touch on another sick subject. That one can be reblogged as often as concerned people care about this new world we are living in…

. I read a disturbing article the other day. And while I may not be the most trendsetting, up to date person on the planet…. I have to ask. Is this a thing? . . Forget about the charges and legal proceedings…. ‘semen terrorism”? Do men really go around ejaculating on unsuspecting women’s purses and […]

For all my male friends… a question. — River’s world…..


Yesterday, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada anti-vaxxers went too far! Because they thought they were not being listened to by the very Ultra-Conservative Party they gave a majority in the last pre-Covid election, they moved their protest from the legislative grounds (which were the proper place to hold a protest) to the streets in front of a hospital. Now, I am not saying people cannot protest whatever they want to protest. As a young man I took part in several protests. I did what I thought I and my fellow protesters thought we had to do to get heard. But one thing we never did was get in the way of emergency vehicles trying to get people in need of immediate help from getting their patients into a hospital. Yesterday, in Edmonton, that is exactly what these idiotic and selfish protesters did! They stopped ambulances and even foot traffic from getting into the Emergency Room at the Royal Alexandra Hospital! The self-centered bastards interfered with the medical system so that people who needed help right now could not get that help, and had to be re-routed to Emergency Rooms at least half an hour or more away. We have not heard yet what happened to those patients, but if even one of them died or suffered severe complications because of the added time it took to get them help, then every one of those protesters should be charged with murder, or criminal assault. Protest if and where you want if you must, but do not intentionally prevent injured or sick people from getting help!

If that was not bad enough, some of these protesters brought and used their own children to get in the way of those ambulances! It is one thing for adults and maybe even older teenagers to protest, but when you put a child in front of a screaming ambulance so that the driver has no choice but to turn around and go somewhere else, you are endangering the lives of your own children, and you should be treated the same way as any other parent who endanger their children’s lives. This behaviour is not acceptable in our society!

Meanwhile, what was going on in that hospital the protesters were so busy with preventing access to? Was the hospital going about its normal business of helping all the sick people who needed medical help? NO! The doctors and nurses not just in the Royal Alexandra, but in every hospital in Alberta, in most of Canada, and all over the world were attending to stupid anti-vaxxers who now have Covid and need medical help. The ICU beds are so full of unvaccinated fools that they are turning away others who need those beds just as much as the anti-vaxxers do! Why are Covid patients more important than people with regular medical issues? What gives them priority? They chose to risk getting sick. Maybe they did not want to get sick, but they did nothing useful to help prevent themselves from getting sick. In fact, they did all kinds of things that increased their odds of getting sick! They refused to wear masks. They refused to social distance. And above all, they refused to let themselves get vaccinated to lessen their chances of getting Covid. You could say they did everything they could to get sick, and now they are filling beds that people who did not choose to get sick desperately need. And that isn’t all!

Doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel are so busy treating Covid patients, almost all non-emergency surgeries have been stopped. There are not enough surgical department workers available to help those people who need surgery. If you do not have a life-threatening problem, you are no longer as needy as the stupid idiot who is lying in the bed you should have occupied. This is what it means to be an anti-vaxxer. This means they are interfering with the entire business of medicine, not just interfering with access! All because they decided they were more important than anyone else, you cannot get the help you need! And given the current circumstances, you are not likely to get the help you need for quite some time!

So, what can we do about it? Can we do anything about it? I am normally a compassionate person, and under normal circumstances I think people should be allowed to live however they want to live, as long as they do no harm to others! Well, harm is being done to others! This is no longer about individuals. It is about society. It is about all human beings! We cannot give power to the few, while taking it away from the many. We need to stop catering to fools, and get back to caring about regular people who are trying their best to get along in an often cruel and uncaring world. We need to start raising our voices, and demand that hospital beds not be used for people who caused their own sicknesses. Let them stay at home, and cope the best they can, while the rest of the medical community gets back to treating those who are not in control of what is happening to them.

Yes, this raises a lot of ethical questions, and I am well aware of this. There are a lot of things wrong with how this whole pandemic is being handled. But a line of some kind has to be drawn, and I am suggesting that voluntarily sick patients, those who chose not to protect themselves from Covid, not be given priority over involuntary patients, those who had accidents or contracted illnesses that they could not avoid. Choosing to be an anti-vaxxer should mean having to cope on your own unless you cannot survive without being in a hospital. That is the line I am choosing to draw.

What line would you like society to draw?

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WOMEN AND HEART ATTACKS: Things Every Woman Should Know, and So Should the Men Who Share Their Worlds

Do you know, when women have heart attacks, they seldom experience the same symptoms as men experience. Yet men’s symptoms are well and widely known. We men are told what to watch for early in life. So why are women not told what symptoms and signs they should watch for! Heart attacks are the number one killer of women in the world. If we do not know how to spot them coming, the earlier the better, how can women get the help they need before or when they need it.

Until just recently I had no idea heart attacks for women did not present the same as heart attacks for men. And when I found out, I was furious. Even in the medical world, where women dominate by numbers, most women are not aware of the signs of an oncoming heart attack, or an ongoing heart attack. So how do they, or the men around, them know when to call 911. This is what this post is about, and I hope you will reblog it, or otherwise spread it, to all your friends and readers, and that they will spread it to everyone they know. But let me shut up, and have Suze Hartline tell you about her heart attacks. It was sheer serendipity that I learned all this from Suze, so here is her story in (mostly) her own words. (I took the initiative to edit it just a bit!)

Suze Hartline:

Men’s heart attack signs are well known. Women’s symptoms, even though heart attacks are the number one killer of women in the world, are not generally known.
Here they are. I learned these from Dr John Randolf, Oklahoma Heart Hospital director of cardiothoracic surgery after my second heart attack.
1) Angina, but NOT described as  crushing chest pain. Most women describe a “band of pain circling their upper chest directly under their breastbone.” They may think it is simply an upset stomach or gas pains. (Life threatening sign)
2) Sweating: From the waist to the head, sudden onset and dripping.  (Life threatening sign)
3) Nausea/vomiting/diarrhea:  all three occurring simultaneously, sudden onset immediately after sweating. (Life threatening sign)
4) Faintness may occur along with the sweating.
5) Jaw pain on ONE side only. may last several days before the heart attack occurs.
6) NUMBNESS and/or pain in hand that can travel up to the elbow. One arm only. May last WEEKS before a heart attack.

The biggest problem with women recognizing a heart attack is that our symptoms are NOT the same as men’s. (For those who might not know, Angina is chest pain or discomfort caused when your heart muscle doesn’t get enough oxygen-rich blood. It may feel like pressure or squeezing in your chest. The discomfort also can occur in your shoulders, arms, neck, jaw, or back [American Heart Association]. Angina itself may or may not be a heart attack, but can lead to one. If you experience chest pain as described above, please get help immediately.)

More from Suze Hartline:

I had my first heart attack at age 52.  I had been in excellent health. I had actually run a marathon that spring. I worked full time, and volunteered at a local women’s shelter. I had no idea what I was about to go through.
I spent the morning at water aerobics, after which I got into a hot tub to relax my muscles. A person in my exercise group said I looked a “bit gray.”  I felt fine, so ignored her statement. I had been having numbness in my right hand for about a week, but thought nothing of it. I also had some jaw pain, and had made an appointment with the dentist for later that week. It seemed to be intermittent and I had had trouble with a back tooth a month or so before. I figured it was the same tooth that a temporary filling had been placed in.  Heart attack never occurred to me.
On the drive home I felt a bit nauseous but figured it was because I was hungry and was late with breakfast. After I got home, I started to sweat… a LOT. It occurred to me that it was weird I was sweating only from the waist up… so I took a shower. Afterwards, I experienced explosive diarrhea, along with extreme vomiting.  I felt a bit faint. Again, Heart attack NEVER occurred to me. I thought perhaps it was food poisoning, except I hadn’t eaten anything. It had been two hours since I felt the first symptoms yet I didn’t put it all together.
I laid down to settle my stomach and realized the sweating had begun again…and now I felt a band of pain beginning in the center of my back and traveling around to my lower chest. I began to think I’d better call 911 and speak to someone who could put it all together for me. I got up and walked to the living room to call.
I called 911 and stated my name and address, then told the operator about the different symptoms I was having. But before I could speak any further, I became extremely faint and fell to the floor. I remember thinking as I was falling “I am going to die.”
I woke up in a helicopter for a brief moment. The technician was yelling “she’s got tombstones!” … The next time I woke up was in the heart hospital post surgery. 
 My surgeon said I was extremely lucky as my heart was blocked 99% in two major arteries, and one other was 100% blocked.  I had gone into fibrillation (where the heart simply shakes instead of pumping blood), thus the tombstones on the ekg. He said if the EMT’s hadn’t arrived exactly when they did I would NOT have been alive long enough for any surgery to save me.
I was honestly amazed it was my heart that was the problem. I KNEW the signs of heart attack and which order they occurred, except what I KNEW was in MEN.  I had been discounting all the signs because they didn’t fit what I had learned. My husband, who is a CARDIAC intensive care RN DIDN’T KNOW EITHER! I had been telling him all the weird symptoms I had been having and it never occurred to him that they were heart related.
At least I knew the symptoms when I had my second heart attack, and I got to a doctor at the FIRST sign. A simple procedure to break a clot was all it took to fix the problem. I now take medication to keep my blood from clotting so easily. AND, I now get immediate help instead of waiting for something “big enough to bother a doctor with.”

Suze is a very lucky and a very special person. She lived to tell her tale. But no one listens to it. Why not? Women are half the people on this planet. A great number are going to experience heart attacks, and many of them are going to die because they and the people around them DO NOT KNOW what to look for!

Well, now you do. Please do something to help spread this information. No one else seems to care…

An afterthought: There is information on the world wide web about women’s heart attack symptoms, but not as much as I thought there should be. And if you do not know it is there, you are NOT going to go looking for it. Also, when you do look, if you do, the information is presented matter-of-factly, and has no urgency to it. Heart attacks are URGENT! They are life and death urgent. Please learn these signs and symptons, and make sure everyone around you learns them too. You never know who will need help, or when they will need it.

A second afterthought: While researching this topic on the internet, I came across an article asking why more women have not heard of women’s heart attack symptoms. That writer thought this knowledge was important then. Unfortunately, I did not think to bookmark the article, and I cannot remember how I got to it. That is not important. What is important, that article was published in 2018. It is only three years later, but still hardly anyone knows. THAT MUST CHANGE! Please, be the change.



I’ve been reading a bit lately about the science vs religion debate, in particular, the question does science prove or disprove the existence of God? Come on, people, God, or gods in general, are a belief. Beliefs can neither be proved or disproved by science or religion. They can only be proved or disproved by experience, and experience is not always scientific. Sometimes it is nothing but serendipity–pure chance. An apple fell on some guy’s head, and he discovered gravity. He did not invent gravity, gravity was already there since the dawn of the universe… If there was a dawn. Someone, not Cristofo Columbo, sailed west from Europe, and did not fall off the edge of a flat world. No, they ran into a land that was always there, just that people in Europe had no idea it was there. The people that were already there knew it was there, it was nothing new to them. But Europe went all gaga when said seafarer now known as Christopher Columbus discovered the New World–except that the new world was just as old as the Old World, just that the Old Worlders did not know it was there because their main book of knowledge, otherwise known as the Bible, did not tell them it was there. According to this Bible, God knew everything, yet God did not know about the continents to the west of Europe. Actually, God did not even know about the continents south or east of Europe. Oh, he dabbled in some knowledge of Egypt, and even the Middle East, but God had no knowledge of Africa, Asia, or even Australia. God definitely had no idea about Antarctica! In other words, God, who knew everything about everything, knew shit about the geography of the world. The world was always there, always round, always revolving around the sun, but since God did not know those things, Europeans did not know them either. But everyone else did, and that is one thing so problematic with both God, and the Bible.

And it is also problematic with science. It seems, somehow, all scientists grew up in Greece. Well, at least, that’s where science began, according to Europeans. The Aztecs and other people in what is now called the Americas knew all kinds of things about the world, as did Chinese and other Asians, but to scientists somehow those things did not count. Only Europeans knew about science, and it seems from what we teach our children, we still believe those lies.

Which brings us back to the God vs Knowledge debate. Some people believe one way, others believe a different way. We are told there are two sides to every story, but even that is a lie. There are many sides to most stories, we just don’t look for them. Two sides seems to serve us well: black and white, fact and fiction, God and science. But between black and white there are many shades of grey. The line between fact and fiction is very wavy, because it takes a knowledge of fact and experience to create fiction. Science fiction is heavily based on facts, with a whole lot of speculation thrown in for interest sake. Historical fiction is based on actual events peopled by fictitious people interacting with once-real people or events (War and Peace is a wonderful example). And between God and science we have belief. Belief contains assumed facts, some facts not yet proven–and some beliefs that can never be proven.

Yet, even though we know that some ideas are unprovable, we debate them with all the intensity so as to make them seem worthwhile. But in truth they are meaningless. What does it matter that God does or does not exist? Those who believe believe it affects their lives. Those who do not believe know that it does not affect their lives. And both sides need so badly to be right. To be wrong would destroy their whole lives. But would it? Really? If a believer lost that belief, would they die? No. If a non-believer suddenly decided to believe, would that kill them? No! So why do we need to believe or not believe? We do not need to do either. In the end, it really does not matter. We are all going to die. And then the truth will be known, or unknown, to each of us. Either way, our belief will not affect that one way or the either. Let’s just live. It’s a lot easier that way.


The Stupidity Plague is Going into Its Next Wave

To all my friends around the world, this post might not mean much to you, but I hope you can at least find some humour in it. The Stupidity Plague has finally hit Canada. Okay, it was here before, but now it’s official, we are having a general election in just 36 days from today! Why the hell are we having an election in 36 days? Because our stupid Prime Minister wants Canadians to pat him on the head like a good doggie. (You reward a dog for peeing and pooing outside of the house, right?) Well, Justin Trudeau wants us to pat him on the head for peeing and pooing inside the House! No! Not like Trump’s Q-Anon puppies pooed in America’s House on Jan. 6th of this year, but because he was a good boy and bought us more vaccines than we could possibly use for a population of which one-in-four Canadians are too stupid to even use! The result, if these vaccines can’t reach needy countries like Haiti who cannot afford to buy their own vaccines for themselves–before they expire–is that Trudeau just pissed away billions of Canadian dollars on unusable vaccines! On top of that, when he withdrew our peacekeeping forces from Afghanistan, where they failed miserably at keeping any peace, he shit on all our Afghani helpers and collaborators by leaving them to deal with people (the Taliban) who are calling them traitors to Afghanistan. Oh, we must agree his scrambling to get 27,000 trfugees out of Afghanistan now that the Americans too are leaving is good politics, but they would not be in the mess they are in if he had started the airlift process when we first decided to withdraw our peacekeepers who, once again, never really succeeded at keeping the peace. Trudeau wants to look admirable now, but he is only covering up for his own stupidity in the first place.

So here we Canadians are, facing a make-Trudeau-feel-good-election that is going to cost Canadian taxpayers (being the poor and middle classes, because we know his rich friends like Peter Nygaard don’t pay any taxes to help cover these stupid election costs) another fortune on top of all that vaccine money he is pissing away. (Just like Jason Kenney pissed away billions of dollars trying to support the dying fossil fuel industry in Alberta! But I’m saving that for the next provincial election, neeyah hah ha!)

Trudeau is fumbling his poltical football by taking the chance of losing to our Trump-like Conserative Party led by Erin “The Tool” O’Toole who wants to turn Canada into a miniature America, complete with wealthy bigots and racists whose secret slogan is “Better dead than Red,” (or, in other words, kill all the indigenous people in Canada so white Canadians don’t have to feel guilty about stealing their land and then forcing them into Residential Schools to “kill the savages in them!”) as well as destroying public health care because they want to bring in private health care that only they can afford! If Canadians vote this asshole into power, where are liberal Americans going to move to if America votes Trump back into power in 2024?

Besides the pissy shitty Liberal Party and the wealthy racist Conservative Party, who else have Canadians got to choose from? Québecers, and only Québecers, can vote for the Bloc Québécois, but that does nothing for the rest of Canada. For one federal election this party actually became the second most powerful party in Canada (Québec has more power than the Western and Atlantic provinces together, though not as much as Ontario) but that just screwed the whole system up. How can a one-province-based party represent the rest of Canada? That’s just stupid.

Also we have the Canadian version of the Green Party. Now, the Green Party actually has some great ideas for the environment, and that’s a good thing. Canada needs to do more to soften the blow being felt around the world because of human-stupidity-caused climate change. The world is either burning, or being covered in floods, or in droughts, with numerous and enormous tropical storms, hurricanes, and typhoons, erupting volcanoes, and now earthquakes, just to shake things up a bit. Yeah, the Green Party has a role to play. But they don’t know people, and politics is all about people, isn’t it? So let’s elect some Greenies, but not too many, please. That would be stupid, too.

That takes care of four out of our five main parties. The Liberals, the Concervatives, the Bloc Québécois, and the Greens. Which leaves only one Party, which probably has some stupid policies and people but don’t they all. In this election, in Canada, the New Democratic Party (NDP) is the only viable non-stupid party left to vote for. Granted, they would be rookies, and probably make a lot of rookie mistakes, but at least they would be working for the betterment of all Canadians, not just the select few. Yes, they are the party of unions, they started as a union of farmers after all, but their major platform is trying to level the playing field so that there are no longer three classes of people in Canada, the have-nots, the have-a-littles, and the have-bunches-of-everything-elses. CANADA IS SUPPOSED TO BE THE LAND OF OPPORTUNITY FOR ALL, but they don’t tell us the opportunities for what. The opportunity to be born poor and stay poor for the rest of your life is not much of an opportunity for the poor. The NDP is not out to destroy Capitalism, but to regulate it so that everyone shares more or less equally in its rewards, AND in its costs.

As for you bigots and racists out there, just because NDP leader Jagmeet Singh wears a turban on his head, is brown-skinned, and a Sikh does not mean he is a card-carrying terrorist who hates women. He is a peaceful family man who respects others and deserves the respect of others. Instead of hating him, give him your vote. Canada needs it.


Victory for the People! Well, temporarily at least.

A month ago the conservative government of Alberta announced to the people of Alberta the pandemic was over. 75% of the people of our fine province were single vaccinated, and over 50% were double vaccinated. Our mini-Trumpian Premier, Jason Kenney, declared victory over Covid! On Aug . 16 all public and personal protections would cease to be needed, including masks and social distancing, the limiting of crowd sizes, contact tracing, and even, unbelievably, quarantining for people with active Covid-19 diagnoses. That included K-12 schools full of unvaccinated children. Alberta would be wide open for business again. Hooray for Jason Kenney! Isn’t he a great leader! He then conducted a survey of how well the people of Alberta felt about his great victory.

Amazingly, 33% of the stupid people of the province said he did a great job. 1 in 3 people agreed with him. That number was way too high. But, at least, 66% told him in no uncertain terms, he had failed miserably. That’s double the number of bootlickers in this province. That is the number of intelligent people in Alberta.

But long before those numbers were revealed, even before we knew a survey was even being conducted, the people of Alberta rose up, starting small but gaining momentum every day for three weeks straight, holding daily protests and rallies telling mini-Trump the people did not agree with him. The pandemic is far from over, we said. The people still need protection, we said. Doctors, teachers, even bus drivers, all agreed. So did parents of school age children! Protections are needed. The pandemic is still with us. It took 3 weeks, but last week the people won. We declared (temporary) victory. The government capitulated, walked back their claims, and gave us another 6 weeks of pandemic protections, and a promise to revisit the need for mandated protection at that time.

Guess who did not announce that policy change. Not the Premier, not the Health Minister, but the lead health professional who up to a month ago had been calling to maintain protections. The politicians are in hiding, too embarrassed to show their beet-red faces. They have no integrity at all.

Tomorrow is Aug. 16. The province IS NOT going to be open for business!

So, for those of you around the world whose political leaders are not doing the job the way you think they should be doing it, take heart, and take notice. If the people of Alberta can fight the insanity of conservatism, so can you! Especially people in places like Florida, Texas, and England. Voice your displeasure publicly, and often. The goverments of your areas need to know you do not agree with them. No matter how impotent you might feel, get out there and protest the stupidity of uncaring politicians. Let them know they will not be re-elected if they do nothing to keep the people who vote for them happy, and safe!

Now, for your listening pleasure, The Beatles:


The Olympics, what do they do for the world?

The Summer Oympics are over for another three years, and the Winter Olympics is already on the horizon–if they even take place. The political atmosphere of holding them in China is very questionable at the moment. And we have Mr. Donald J. Trump to thank for that, if anyone remembers what brought on this situation in the first place. But that is not what this post is all about.

For two weeks politics was mostly put aside, and while winners and non-winners were declared over and over, and pandemic concerns were temporarily set aside, the main thing these Olympic games showed us, once again, is that left to the people, world peace is possible. I have no idea how many athletes went to Nippon, how many coaches and other personnel there were, how many officials, how many volunteers (the games would not be possible without unpaid volunteers, and those people should be thanked again for doing such a great job!) there were at the many sites where events took place and at the Olympic Village where people of different races and nationalities comingled and coexisted peacefully for more than a 14-day period, but however many there were, they worked together to make the Olympic Games a great success.

Why the hell cannot we do this all-year round? Why do we let our politicians and other leaders pit us against each other when there is no need for aggression or arms or weapons of mass destruction? People are just people, nothing more, nothing less. And with the Internet and daily communication between we the people, we know we are not enemies. Yes, there are a lot of differences in cultures and societies, in how we dress and what we eat, in the types of dwellings we live in, even in the jobs we do. But down at the base of all that, we know we can love each other and get along great with each other.

This is what the Olympics do for us. They turn foes into friends, and make us ask ourselves, why are we even foes in the first place? We the people have no need to be foes. Let us tell our leaders that, and tell them to be like us, just people, peacefully sharing this world that is our home. Our one true home.

As for that other thing, how did Trump create the political atmosphere that hangs over the Winter Olympics. He bullied Canada into arresting a Chinese businesswoman for him, a job he himself could not accomplish, and then abandoned Canadian officials to deal with her, instead of taking her into American custody. Stupidly, once Canadians were left high and dry, we did not just open the door and let her go. In fact, we still have not let her go, despite Trump no longer even being in power. I have not heard Biden express any need for us to keep her incarcerated.

Meanwhile, China did not want to risk upsetting a very unstable then-President of the United States, so they arrested two Canadians in retaliation. China knew we would not start a war over such a stupid premise, so they tried to force us to respond by setting Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou free. Three years later neither country is being reasonable. And with Trump gone, my question is why? This stupidity has to end, peacefully. The whole world depends on it, whether they realize it or not.